Montana Southern Baptist Women (MSBW) is a network joining women and young ladies from across Montana who are members of churches and associations affiliated with the Montana Southern Baptist Convention. We’re ranchers, bankers, business women, nurses, teachers, students, single women, wives, moms and grandmothers… all with one thing in common: we’re Christ Followers!

Montana Southern Baptist Women (MSBW) exists to answer the question “Why Missions?” by encouraging a missions focus in the state of Montana through building relationships and resourcing
  • Coordinates the statewide prayer partnership with Montana Sent Missionaries. MSBW enlists prayer warriors to pray for SBC missionaries, using Missions Mosaic.
  • Hosts the yearly MPower event to promote fellowship, prayer, bible study, and missions.  MSBW also hosts this website and Facebook account to connect women across Montana, our nation, and our world.
  • Promotes missions giving through the Lottie Moon, Annie Armstrong, Montana State, and Montana Sent Offerings along with the Cooperative Program.  We resource missions education and women’s ministries education to come alongside local MTSBC churches.  We also strive to provide quality missions experiences for all Montana Southern Baptists.
  • Partners with National WMU and provides representation in the organization for Montana Southern Baptists.


1. People matter to God, and so He is constantly working in the world to draw people into a love relationship with Himself

2. Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Lord over all the earth, and that believing in Him is the only way to a right relationship with God.

3. An intimate, vibrant relationship with God through Jesus is the foundation for meaningful life and the dynamic of genuine Christianity.

4. God invites Christ Followers to partner with Him in reaching people with the good news that Jesus is the Christ and the way to a right relationship with Him.

5. Following Christ requires being in the real world, taking the love of God to people where they are and in such a way as to be culturally and relationally relevant to them.

6. The role of the Christian leader is to encourage, equip, challenge, and release Christ Followers to be radically involved in the mission of God.

7. Authentic Christian leaders lead by example, modeling for and engaging others in the disciplines of Christian living.