MPower 2023 – Christmas In August

Every year WMU and the North American Mission Board partner to select missionaries who will be featured in Christmas in August.

The missionaries provide a list of items they need for ministry and outreach, and the lists of requested items are posted online.

And then you — as an individual, family, small group, missions group, or church — select a missionary (or two or three) and purchase and send the items to the missionary. This is what we are doing for our Ministry Project at MPower 2023.

As with many Christian ministries, Christmas in August is more than just a random act of giving. And as a ministry of WMU, Christmas in August of course includes learning about and praying for missionaries along with supporting them!

The collective effort to purchase and gather the items, pack them, include notes of encouragement, and pray over them is all part of a meaningful opportunity to learn about, pray for, and support a missionary.

Will Murphy, Fire Rescue Volunteer Chaplain, Tampa, FL

What: Meeting Needs for Firefighters, Victims of Disaster

Where: Tampa, Florida

Why: Fire and rescue volunteer chaplains serve firefighters and their families. They are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year, providing spiritual and peer support, building relationships, and offering Critical Incident Stress Management. Their ministry to meet physical needs, like food and drinks, as well as build relationship, earns them the right to share the life changing good news of Jesus Christ with first responders.


How Do You Participate?

Purchase any of the gift cards above. Write a note/card to tell Will that you are praying for him & the people he encounters. Include the gift cards in the note/card and bring to MPower 2023. There will be a basket to collect them at the Registration Table.